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Photog Friday – Take Better Pictures using Shade

Okay okay … I know it’s not actually Friday.  But in my head, I’m always on time, prompt, and meet all of my own deadlines.  So, let’s just go with it and pretend that I didn’t miss my Friday post deadline, K?!!  Besides, Photog Friday sounds way better than Photog Saturday anyway! Today’s Photog Friday […]

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Celebration Challenge – Day 25 – Take better pictures 3!

Happy day 25 readers!! I'm so excited to hear that my tips from the last couple nights have encouraged many of you to get out and take some pics!!  I absolutely LOVE this stuff and hope you're having some fun with it too! Ok … time to share my final tip to getting better pictures through […]

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Celebration Challenge – Day 24 – Take better pictures 2!

Hey guys!  We're on Day 24 of my challenge and I can hardly believe it's almost over!  This has been quite an adventure for me and I'm really excited about all the response I've been getting.  So, thanks again for following along!  And super double thanks if you've shared me with a friend! If you haven't […]

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