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Style & Fashion Fridays – Using a Color Wheel

You’ve probably seen or used a color wheel at some point in your lives… maybe when decorating your home, scrapbooking, or doing some other creative project where you had to choose color schemes. But, have you ever used a color wheel in your wardrobe?  Using a color wheel is one of our secrets to adding […]

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Style & Fashion Friday – Fashion Myth Busted – You CAN Wear That!

OK, so how many times have you seen an outfit,  a trend, or someone’s style that you liked and said to yourself, “I LOVE that! I wish I could wear it, but I could never pull that off.” For us, it’s been, like, a million trillion times. Not kidding. That many. But we’ve had some […]

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My new bloggin buddy – Style and Fashion Fridays

Hey guys! Remember when your Mom used to tell you to grab a buddy whenever you went anywhere new?  Well, that was seriously good advice … and since I wanted to go somewhere new with my blog, a fab-o buddy was a must! Say ‘Hello’ to my new bloggin buddy, Adrianne! “HEELLLLOOO Adrianne!” Hey everyone! My name […]

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