A little something personal ….

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I posted something personal and I thought it was about time!  Every summer I pretty much drop out of blog world. My boys come home from school and we just get way too busy having fun and enjoying the break to spend much time here.  Our lives become full of cardboard building projects, tending our pet turtle, babysitting the neighbor’s dogs, swimming, movies with friends, crafts, jammie days and quick trips to Cali.  Pretty much everything that I enjoy about summer!

My fav image of the summer?  Right here!

I absolutely adore this image of my little Jax … I shot this in the middle of a sand castle build and I love how serious he was about it at this moment.  And those goggles?  He put them on all my himself and wore them in and out of the ocean for hours.  And I would have let him wear them all day long if he asked because I just {LOVE} this phase of his little toddler life.  He loves wearing his galoshes wherever he goes, goggles when he’s not swimming, and he carries a metal lunchbox full of action figures when we run errands.  These are priceless memories he’s sharing with me and I’m so thankful for those little gifts.

But now the big boys are back in school and I have a little more time during the day to work on decorating the house again.  Which means finally giving some attention to the giant photo display I’ve been planning for my family room wall. I wanted something that made me smile every time I looked at it and something that showed my boys as they are. Giggly. Silly. Mischievous. Curious.  I was inspired by the Brady Bunch … remember that collage of them at the beginning of every show?  Well, here’s my version of it.

I’m so stinkin excited about this … it’s gonna be huge!  4′ tall by 5′ wide actually and will hang in my family room just above the play table that I blogged about earlier this year.  I’ll snap a pic of it once I get it hung.  It’s always so fun to see your images in print and on the wall … so if you haven’t lately, just do it already!  You know you’ve got dozens on your computer just waiting to come out!!


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