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Time goes by really really fast.  Sometimes it goes so fast I don't even know how I spent the day.  Do you ever feel like that?  It seems my to do list gets forever longer and time goes by faster. I will never get everything done.  But I heard a talk recently that reminded me that sometimes it's important to set aside the "to do" list and work on the "to be" list.  

So today …. for just a few moments ….  I set aside the dishes, the art projects, the laundry, my untidy bedroom, the computer, and the cell phone and worked on being a good Mommy.  Jax and I just played and it's pretty amazing how much I could BE in just be in 30 minutes. 

I can be funny.

I can be engaged.

I can be a seriously precise pillow thrower.

I can be silly.

I can be creative.

I can be a tickle monster.

I can be playful.

I can be loving.

I can be thankful.

I can be a good Mommy.

Set aside 30 minutes (or more!) this weekend and discover who and what you can BE.  Probably more than you think, I'm sure!


by bethany

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rachel peacockApril 15, 2011 - 10:45 pm

Very sweet post, Bethanny. I needed that. 🙂

Vicki ClemanApril 17, 2011 - 10:55 pm

I love this post. You’re such a great mommy and I was reminded why when Bryce came up to me today and gave me a hug, just when I needed it most.

Adrianne BreesApril 18, 2011 - 7:47 am

So funny that you posted this, because before I even read it, I did the same thing yesterday with Peyps. I had laundry to do, bathroom to clean, blog drafts to write (wink wink), etc, etc, but instead I just spent several hours being with peyton… we played candyland, painted, read books, and just were together. It was great! Awesome post Beffy and GREAT pics!!

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