Monthly Archives: August 2008

Do I really get to go all by myself Mom?

I heard these words more than once in the days just before Cole's first day of preschool.  He couldn't believe that he actually got to go to school without me – that I would just drop him off and leave him to experience it on his own.  Not that he's never had playdates or babysitters, […]

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Second Grade and Holding Hands

Well, this week marked the beginning of another school year for my oldest son, Bryce, now in second grade.  It's funny how these simple moments become so important in my mommy eyes.  You know, we did the whole getting ready thing – shoe shopping, new backpack, new supplies, and talking up the new year.  I […]

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Kelly Canyon Camping 08

Okay … I’m back and blogging again.  And before you read any further or watch the slide show, scroll down to my music playlist and select the Willie Nelson/Merle Haggard song.  I dunno, it just seem to fit the pics.  Anyway, we just returned from our last and final trip of the summer, my family’s […]

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