Monthly Archives: May 2008

A Hand-sewn Dress and a Beautiful Baby

This is little Baby Ellie, a three month old that I got the privilege to do a session with a few weeks ago.  Her mommy had hand-sewn her blessing dress and wanted pictures of Ellie in it before she got too big.  This little one was so cheerful and sweet it was almost impossible to […]

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I don’t want to look like a dufus!

Yep, these were the exact words this high school senior said to me, frustrated that his mom was "making" him do this.  So eighteen, right?  I promised him I wouldn’t make him look like a dufus and ensured him that we were going to have a great time!  With doubt in his eyes, he followed […]

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Plan B

It took me months to coax my dear friend, Traci, into letting me take her kids’ pictures.  Not because she didn’t want me to do them, but because getting pictures is such an undertaking in her family.  You see, she has 5 kids under the age of six, including one set of triplets (yup, you […]

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